Goose Squad.

The clouds hung by giant sky-hooks, pressed along by the wind as the squadron flew in against the breeze, cutting a “V” through the lakes surface.  The Commander, “Goose”, began speaking once all the birds were lined up, and a sentry was positioned to keep guard over the group.

Geese on a Lake.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I’m glad to see you all made it.  The scouts will be in shortly with their report of the surrounding lakes.  Our job here will be to thoroughly recon this lake for the fall, when the air defense will be out.  I don’t think I need to remind you that even though hunting season is not until our return trip that shots and missiles do get launched.  We will not soon forget the lieutenant’s bravery last year when, under the feathered missile attack he fell back to protect the yearlings in the gaggle, and took a direct hit right through his body.”

The other geese began to rally and cheer the lieutenant’s name, three choruses of hip-hip-hooray were cheered before the century sounded the warning call.

“HOONK-HONK!”  He bellowed. The Commander, eyeing about, gave a sharp hiss to quiet everyone, and moved the squadron into some nearby cover as two more Canadians glided in slicing more waves onto the waters face.

“Good Morning Commander,” The lead scout began.  “The position you asked us to explore, appears to have no more danger levels than usual for this time of year, there were no Air Defense launchers about, and the usual launch sites were vacant.”  He concluded.

“Well done, Ganders.”  The Commander praised.  “I want you two to rest here after we take off for a while, then make a pass over the field we discussed this morning.  There should still be some rations there from the last planting that we can feed on before we bivouac for the night.”  The Commander instructed, then asked.  “Do you have any questions?”  “No sir!”  They answered in unison.  “Very well then, we shall prepare for take off then, may the wind be with you. ”  The Commander said by way of a departing statement.  “And also with you.”  They replied in harmony.

English: A Canada Goose flying at Burnaby Lake...

English: A Canada Goose flying at Burnaby Lake Regional Park (Piper Spit), Burnaby, British Columbia. Français : Une Bernache du Canada en vol. Réserve régionale du lac Burnaby, Burnaby (dans l’agglomération de Vancouver), Colombie britanique. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Commander Lead his Squadron back out to the center of the small lake and faced the wind as the cloud’s threw diamond studded dice across the lakes surface all around the gaggle who seemed to care less about the twinkling around them.  Then, all at once, the commander gave the call to flight, and charged into the wind as his squadron returned his call and charged with him into the great beyond.

Sun dazzle on the lake.


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I am presently working on a project titled "The Urban Grizzly Bait Shop." I have long considered opening my own bait shop, and I have found the perfect location for this one... my imagination.
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3 Responses to Goose Squad.

  1. Michelle Baker-Herring says:

    Shannon, “diamond studded dice” gives you the credentials you need for teaching creative writing–I think you should consider this as your driving passion, science is great and all, but you have a talent that should be shared!

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