Wishing I was Fishing…

"The Man Field."

A beautiful day to fish, but work calls...

I have been trying to hit the lake to get some fishing in, but my wife and I determined that a new septic field needed to be installed at the lake house we own up in the Thumb of Michigan. So the time spent coordinating people and resources kept me on the road, or on the phone instead of the lake where I watched caterpillars, (the butterfly one’s, not the earth moving one’s, and not on the lake, but on the roads… you have to really squint to see them, but they are there.) swinging from the trees, or crossing the road in front of me.  Apparently they were coordinating their efforts with the bass who swam on their backs, spitting water through their lips and heckling my efforts, and yelling for me to throw them a sweet Woolley Bugger leech pattern with a thick, grizzly hackle over by the lily pads where they were grilling brats.  Rude bass! 

            All I could do was glare at them threateningly, and think about this coming weekend, once the work is done.  They didn’t care, though.  I could hear their fishy laughter fade into the distance as the next load of top soil came rumbling in to cover up the matrix of pipes the excavation team assured me would not give me a problem for the rest of my life,  Or 230 years, whichever comes first… as if.


About urbangrizzly

I am presently working on a project titled "The Urban Grizzly Bait Shop." I have long considered opening my own bait shop, and I have found the perfect location for this one... my imagination.
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5 Responses to Wishing I was Fishing…

  1. Quill Gordon says:

    Two years ago, when we installed new “mound” septic systems for our camps, I thought no one else would ever understand how I felt when faced with the choice between pump installation and pressure tests vs. fishing. Pumps and tests won out and the fish were still waiting when we were done.

    I still give up fishing from time to time to deal with septic related issues as city folk abuse the country plumbing. The “lady products” are bad enough but, man, do I hate the guys who come up and include a Nine-Bean Chili Extravaganza in their weekend.

    • urbangrizzly says:

      Nine-Bean Chili Extravaganza! That has to hurt… or, maybe “burn” is a better word… “Loon bomb” even comes to mind! Thank you for your understanding of the new septic field woes, and your comment. Is it only 3 more days until your nap?

      • Quill Gordon says:

        Three days. Nap. Need nap. It’s always a mad scramble, pulling and stashing boats, draining and blowing out water lines, and everything else. Tried to get a head start closing one camp yesterday but got distracted by a 60-ft pine snapping off in the wind and taking out the power lines. Little things like that tend to slow me down.

  2. The camper says:

    Your blog is so informative keep up the good work!!!!

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