Help Wanted!

There is a story I would like you to look at deeper in my post (#4) titled, Test Chapter, or something equally lame.  I have struggled with this beast of a story and am, frankly, a bit leery of it.  However, the idea sometimes creeps back into my head, and wanders around spray painting graffiti, and kicking over dumpsters in my skull before I can get it back under control.

Clearly the story needs development, and that is my responsibility, and I am aware that it may be missing some, (many), conventions.  However, the idea of what these boys are up to, is where I am interested.

I am blessed with supportive friends who encourage me, and I appreciate that.  However, this topic has sent me on a wild goose chase in which I am unable to catch the goose.  It is a fast goose!  I started this blog so that I could write short stories that would eventually… end.  In the years I have goofed around with this story, it has yet to end.  And before I dive into the topic again, I am curious to see if it has legs to run on its own.  Or to put it another way; with this topic I feel like I am about to start chasing butterflies into the forest, and am fearful of becoming lost.

Anyway, a quick comment for or against would be appreciated.




About urbangrizzly

I am presently working on a project titled "The Urban Grizzly Bait Shop." I have long considered opening my own bait shop, and I have found the perfect location for this one... my imagination.
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2 Responses to Help Wanted!

  1. Matthew Johnson says:

    At first that forest might look like a dark, mysterious place, but you have to remember that the closer you get to leaving the forest, the lighter it becomes. The first time i got writer’s block while writing my book i felt the same way, but i kept going, kept pushing through it. Now I’m 31,107 words into it, I’m almost done writing it and I’ve sent letters to Microsoft asking for permission to publish it. My advice to you would be attack! Charge into that forest! The backspace button will always be there if you need it. If this is something that you like and enjoy writing about, you will never run out of things to say.

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