An Urban Grizzly Bait Shop Post- Red Pop.

live bait vending picThe Grizz pulled up to the farm later on in the morning, and saw the little boy who came the day before hanging outside the farm with a red pop in his hand. What was the boy’s name?

“Hey, buddy…” The Grizz asked. Whatcha drinking?”

“A red pop.” Jason answered.

Having heard his dad’s truck pull up, and hearing voices; Rocky popped his head out of the farm.

“Hey Dad, He started. This is Jason, or new worm wrangler.” He finished smiling down on Jason.

“He looks like a fine addition to the team.” The Grizz said proudly.

Rocky smiled down from the farm, and said. “When I talked to his mother yesterday, I suggested he swing by this weekend after it rains, and the worms come out of their holes. But Jason was eager to start working.”

Wrangling worms after a rain is a nifty trick that I am glad the kid still remembers. What a great son I have! “I can’t blame a man for wanting to get a job done. He complimented. How many did he round-up?” The Grizz asked curiously.

“A dozen!” Rocky answered.

“A dozen?!?! The Grizz answered in mock shock. It looks like we have a real worker here.” Sixty cents plus a red pop. Not bad. I remember my first official job working at a grape vineyard for two cents a pound. The pride I felt when I made myself a cold sloppy job sandwich for my lunch was incredible. Then when I got paid… I thought that working was the best thing ever! I wonder if Jason will have that feeling? When he looked at Jason’s beaming face he had his answer.

“Hey Dad, Rocky began as they watched Jason marching in circles to an unheard beat. I was thinking about advertising the business. I might have an idea using some technology ideas that could be useful. What do you think?” He asked.

“I like advertising. The Grizz began, then added. What are your thoughts?”

“Well, I like the idea of keeping the business part small and simple, Rocky began. but what if we loaded up on advertising, by letting the customer be part of it.”

“Interesting.” The Grizz said curiously, then added. How do we do that?”

“Well, you have the vending machine plaza that runs 24/7; Rocky began; building it slowly, knowing his father liked to be part of the thought process. What if you had a billboard, that not only said; “Urban Grizzly Bait Plaza”, but also had some customer pictures on it.”

“Interesting. The Grizz said again. It’s true that people like to see themselves, but to see themselves fishing. Pictures that they are proud of. That rascal is playing me again. What is his angle? Let’s see.   Aren’t those billboards expensive? Then you have to update them every few months, i don’t know…It could get expensive.” The Grizz finished, going in the opposite direction.

“They have those digital billboards now, Dad. Rocky began. “The ones where the pictures just scroll through the list. We could advertise a website were folks could send their pictures, then all we have to do is load them up, and let them scroll.” Rocky finished simply.

The Grizz furrowed his brow in thought. So the customer catches the fish, takes a picture of the fish, sends us the photo, all from bait that they purchased here? Well done, Rocky! But I better not leap on it yet. It’s best to warm slowly. “ I think you might have something there, Son. So how would you get the pictures on the board? He asked innocently.

“Well Dad, I think most of the cost would be up front…” After an enlightening discussion about how loading pictures onto a digital billboard from a website would all work, The Grizz complimented his son.

“Well done, Rocky! I think you are on to something big.”

“Thanks, Dad.”

“When do you think you could get this done?” The Grizz asked.

” All said and done… Rocky paused, wrinkling his brow in thought. No more than a month installed, I suppose.” He answered.

“Get that going, and pass on the charges to me, please.” The Grizz said.

“Will do, Dad.” Rocky responded humbly.

“Hey, Son?” The Grizz called.

“Yeah, Dad?” Rocky answered.

“Get us both a red pop out of the cooler. The Grizz said in prideful thought. That was good work.”

Smiling as he moved toward the farm, Rocky responded. “You got it, Dad.”Red pop pic


About urbangrizzly

I am presently working on a project titled "The Urban Grizzly Bait Shop." I have long considered opening my own bait shop, and I have found the perfect location for this one... my imagination.
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